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About Us has been engaged in the field of generating income from sports betting, in the strategy of arbitration between bookmakers for five years. We gathered the team of experts that provides stable development and growth of the company. We use not only the best open and closed sources of obtaining the sports arbitrage, but have our own unique IT-development. All this allows to be one of the leaders on the market and fulfill all obligations to our partners and investors.

At the start of 2019 we decided to launch online investment platform, which will help to attract funds of private investors to the company. After five years of successful work the company makes the next step, which will help the company to in develop on the international markets, expand the staff and sports traders and to increase the financial turnover of the company.

The strategy of sports arbitrage is not a banal sports betting with a risk of losing money. This is a strategy when bets are made in different bookmakers on winning and losing results of the same team. With proper and professional work sports arbitrage guaranteedly brings profit without the risk of losing money. This type of earnings is vastly superior to more risky investments in forex trading, crypto currency trading, precious metals, real estate, etc.

How do we make money? team consists of management, sixteen constantly working sports traders, the number of which will be increased with the growth of the investment fund. In our work we use various closed tools and publicly available tools, such as surebet monitors. We use our own IT development, study software that bookmakers use for finding arbitrage situations and much more. We are proud of our own developed strategy that allows our specialists to avoid all those downsides that take many sports arbitrage traders off their work (low bet limits, cutting limits, blocking accounts, etc.)

What is surebets?

This is a betting strategy, in which the player bets on one event on mutually exclusive outcomes in different bookmakers. While the coefficients for these outcomes are added in a manner that brings the player a profit whatever the outcome. Thus, you get a guaranteed profit no matter how played the team. This is the only win-win betting strategy that exists today. Where do surebets come from? They appeared as a result of the usual competition of bookmakers, the higher the ratios the bookmaker has compared to other bookmakers for the event - the more clients he has. One more reason of surebets appearance is in different opinions. Each bookmaker has his own experts who form initial ratios. Moreover, the focus on the same event can differ, and so on.

This type of sports betting existed from the beginning of the first bookmaker offices and rightfully proved to be a win-win way of earning. Bookmaker surebets are as natural as sports betting. With the advent of Internet technologies this type of earnings acquired completely different scales and opportunities, which our company uses by 100%. This strategy is available to everyone, but it can be quite difficult for an inexperienced person. Used by a professional this way of earning can give stunning results.

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